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23rd November, 2017
Two metal cutting "Smith's Planes" These may have been used to plane lead. met_planes01.jpg (57627 bytes)
23 November 2011
A rare Fenton & Marsden's Brass and ebony mortice gauge.

Reg'd  970 Feb19 1847 
fenton_marsden_01.jpg (45045 bytes)
30th September 2011
A look at a couple of infill panel planes, most likely from the same workshop, one marked Mathieson, another Buck, both looking like an early Norris product. More questions than answers! math_panel_1.jpg (67931 bytes)
29th September 20011
A close look at the mark "STEEL" on some dovetailed infill planes marked Mathieson, Norris, Buck, Preston, and Spiers. 15a.jpg (55685 bytes)
11.jpg (71793 bytes)
10th August 2011
Added some very rare Mathieson rules and levels to my collection math_08.jpg (87191 bytes)
7th June 2011
A look inside a post war Norris Panel Plane, to see the construction method. norris_panel_1.jpg (16444 bytes)
21st May 2011
A look inside a post war Norris A5, to see the method of construction A5.jpg (63085 bytes)

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